Lucro is now Ocean Bound Plastic collection & recycling certified

We’re excited to announce that we are the first company in India to be certified Ocean Bound Plastic recycling

Lucro Plastecycle is the first company in India to be successfully certified Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) recycling. Lucro is now well placed to offer clients world over looking for OBP certified recycled films made from flexible plastic. This is a part of our larger commitment to ensuring that we are able to close the loop on plastic and avoid single use plastic. 

This standard has been developed by Zero plastic oceans, a non- government organization focussing on preventing ocean bound plastic from going into the ocean particularly focussing in South Asian countries. 

This audit was completed by the international independent certification body Control Union, a 100 year old company from Netherlands with presence in over 70 countries and with audits completed in six continents. The audit included the evaluation of places where the OBP will be collected and how it will then be recycled and converted to recycled flexible films. These films will then be used in wider applications such as shrink films for secondary packaging. This evaluation guarantees the origin of plastic waste, traceability and integrity.  This traceability is further guaranteed by the fact that Lucro uses an internally developed software that maps the flow of the raw material from waste collection to the manufacture of final recycled product. The audit also covered important social and environmental requirements such as the absence of child labor, fair treatment of employees, fair payments to waste pickers and the respect of international best practices in waste management.

Lucro has also been successfully audited for ocean bound plastic collection which will enable us to collect plastic that is ocean bound and  found within a 50 km radius from the ocean. This is the plastic that is typically at a high risk of being dumped in the ocean. Most of the plastic that we see floating in the oceans is the mismanaged plastic that has come from around the shoreline, Lucro’s commitment is towards ensuring that this waste is diverted and used to create high value products to create a circular loop.

Additionally, we are all set to also be certified OBP Neutrality & collection from shoreline (200 meters from the coast). The Ocean Bound Plastic Neutrality model is focussed on removing non-commercially recyclable OBP from the environment and treating it. Over 80% of the current waste recycled in our facilities comes from post consumer waste. We have always been committed to creating a Circular loop on plastic waste and this certification is another step towards our commitment to close the loop on plastic. 

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