Range of Compostables


Range of Compostables

Apart from recycling, another function of Plast-E-CycleTM is to close the loop on plastic usage by creating a biodegradable variety that breaks down into harmless base materials when returned to the Earth. We are one of the first ISO 17088 certified compostable product manufacturer approved by CPCB.

EcoPRO range is made of compounds derived from bacterial fermentation of plant starches and sugars, and then converted into polymer to attain the pliability and strength of plastic. They are not pertroleum based and decompose without the hazard of toxic residue and fumes. All products are designed with high durability for various applications and processing requirements.

We enable producers / brands to

Sell us plastic scrap at competitive market price

Purchase products in exchange of plastic scrap provided

Receive Disposal Certificate for responsible plastic waste management


We are one of the very few companies in India to produce shopping bags from recycled material. They are created to be durable, tear resistant and with high carrying capacity suited to the requirement. We also provide customisation for adding a brand name, logo and colour choices.


We are one of the very few companies in India to produce garbage bags from recycled material. There is no compromise on the durability and strength of the products as per its required function.


Our range of automotive products is designed to cover and protect parts like the seats, steering wheel, gear and the floor during servicing or repair.


We create sturdy and dependable products to be used across agricultural and other applications.