Plast-E-Cycle TM

An overhaul on how we use plastic.

In a worldwide conscious effort to stop plastic pollution, we have translated it as rebuilding our lives without it. But the unpublicised truth is that plastic is reusable, if only more of us took the effort.


Linear To Circular

Recycling plastic is revolutionary. Not because it is complicated. But because it is underrated.

Our planet’s plastic consumption has been a linear economy. Plastic products were manufactured, used and dumped in landfills, resulting in plastic pollution. Plastic was labeled as the villain. But with a circular economy, we make the use of plastic sustainable. Plastic waste is segregated, collected and recycled, thus reducing plastic pollution and creating more value out of the resource. With intent, innovation and effort, this is achievable.


Plastic Wastage Ecosystem

Plastic isn’t a mistake. It is simply mismanaged. We can change this by closing the loop with Plast-E-CycleTM.

Plast-E-Cycle TM enables to: Recover plastic > Recycle into granules > Remake into recyclable products > Return to Earth all compostable products created.



The move from misuse to reuse can make a world of difference.

For the Environment

We want to lead the transformation of plastic usage by changing it from a linear to a circular economy. Reduce carbon footprints and achieve eco-sustainability by providing cost-effective solutions based on innovation, quality and service.

For Business

Our innovative and eco-friendly recycled products are created by thoroughly integrating a closed loop recycling system. We understand that a change in the environment and community cannot be empowered unless more people join in. Hence, we’ve made our business one of India’s few certified PROs – so we can enable more organisations to meet their annual sustainability goals, and contribute in reducing plastic wastage.

For the Community

We work with NGOs and other social organisations to help to improve the livelihood of our employees, waste pickers and their families, through training, equitable wages and upholding occupational health standards.

We also insist on working with local suppliers to create several job opportunities along the waste management value chain.

Plast-E-Cycle TM

PRO Services

With Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policy and Plastic Waste Management (PWM) Rules 2018 by GOI, there is a stringent but clear road map for importers and producers of plastic to reduce the environmental impact of plastic usage.

As a certified PRO, we aim to be more than just facilitators towards your plastic waste management. We wish to be partners.

We Help You

Dispose plastic in accordance with CPCB guidelines, as amended in 2018

Collect / recover plastic waste on behalf of companies / producers

Meet eco-sustainability goals

Sell plastic waste at competitive market price

Buy products in exchange of plastic scrap provided

Receive Disposal Certificate for successfully diverting plastic from being dumped at landfills