Lucro's products made from ocean bound plastic waste

After decades on investment in technology, education and capacity for plastic recycling, even today, only an estimated 20-30% of plastic is economically recyclable. Solutions such as banning plastic, levying a plastic fee, extended producer responsibility, etc, have done little to solve the colossal plastic waste problem that litters our oceans and lands alike.


Nearly every major thriving city in the world today sits beside a water body. This abundance of people near the shorelines, and the thriving businesses centred here are capable of creating more than 1/3rd of the total plastic waste each year. Recognizing this fact, Lucro has been focussing on diverting waste from the oceans by collecting and recycling ocean bound plastic waste- plastic waste from the shores as well as from within 50 km radius from the Ocean shores; through our ocean bound plastic certification. We are on a mission to grow our business, while reducing our environmental footprint and inspiring our customers to do the same. We believe that this waste is a ticking bomb, waiting at the shorelines, waiting to explode in the oceans. We think that for the sake of our oceans and our planet, this is one of the key steps in creating a circular economy –  a more circular economy could deliver benefits such as reducing pressure on the environment, improving the security of the supply of raw materials, increasing competitiveness, encouraging innovation, boosting economic growth.  All of this while creating jobs that manage the waste.


For decades plastic waste was pushed aside, shipped offshore, dumped and forgotten. However, it kept piling up to the point that its impact can no longer be hidden today. Recycled plastic has seen a significant growth, with an expected increase in demand by 500%. While it was just used as a cheaper alternative, it is quickly becoming the plastic of choice. This is why, we have always focussed on recognizing the potential of flexible plastic waste. The recycled ocean bound plastic products Lucro makes are high-quality, cost-competitive and good for the world. We strive to achieve perfection everyday through our research and innovation to give customers the best solution to their needs while keeping end-of-life recyclability in mind. Our entire business model has been transformed to  drive a more efficient, circular, and low-carbon economy. We want to enable our customers to create a more sustainable future with our most sustainable portfolio of products and services. Some of the products we are making from recycled ocean bound plastic are: