About Lucro

Being a Realist

is revolutionary these days.
About Lucro

What We Do

LUCRO has always been in the business of harnessing the possibilities of plastic. But now we’ve raised the stakes and taken on something that most manufacturers would not touch - recycling flexible plastic. We believe that there is inherent, untapped value that can be released by turning this kind of plastic waste into valuable products

We like to be in control, especially when it concerns quality and reliability, which is why we are involved in an end-to-end process. From collection to segregation, to processing of granules, product design and manufacturing of these products - serving across categories like automotive, home, retail, and institutions, among others.

What started 8 years ago in a small office with just three people, has now grown to a shared vision of over 120+ people. We are now the largest suppliers of recycled packaging and protective covers to manufacturers locally & globally, and are soaring towards the goal of becoming global leaders in recycled products.

“We partner with large and small companies and brands to reuse plastics and help them meet their sustainability goals through plastic waste management.”


The Philosophy


We believe in a more realistic approach to the plastic problem. Plastic isn’t waste as long as we create value from it. Which is why we believe that the world should move from the misuse to reuse of plastic. It’s the wiser thing to do - for our planet, for our businesses, for our communities.

The Vision


Leading the transformation of plastic usage by changing it from a linear to a circular economy. How?

By valuing plastic and paying for waste. Encouraging consumers, industries and waste pickers to simply not discard it.
By closing the loop on plastic usage and turning it into usable products; thereby stopping it from reaching landfills and polluting our oceans.
By organising India’s unorganised waste sector. Streamlining supply, collection and segregation of plastic waste making us better recyclers.

The Mission


Being global leaders in recycled products by thoroughly integrating a closed loop recycling system.

Providing high quality, innovative and eco-friendly products.

Partnering organisations and institutions across public and private sectors by providing added traceability, and helping them attain their annual sustainability goals.

Our Certifications